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With the Chuko wheelbarrow it is easier and lighter to load the tray, transport the load and empty the tray. This wheelbarrow allows easy lowering of the tray. This means loading of the tray is easier because heavy loads can be shovelled, raked, or dragged in without any effort. By means of the footrest, the loaded tray can easily be placed into the transport mode. Because the wheels are located directly under the load, the wheelbarrow only needs to be balanced. This means not much lifting needs to be done during transport. Furthermore, the Chuko wheelbarrow can be emptied easily. The frame can be slid backwards and be used as a lever to empty the tray. Using your own body weight, the tray can be emptied with little force, even when a heavy load is being carried. An ergonomic wheelbarrow, that makes work easier and more efficient!

Product Specifications:
– Heavy-duty frame
– UV-resistant plastic container
– 4-layer Tubeless tires with roller bearings
– Patented design
– Water capacity: 180 liter

Size (LxWxH): 188 cm x 83 cm x 74 cm

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